The ship was commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer and played an instrumental role in the founding … (Photo: IDW Publishing) In Star Trek Online , … Enterprise was the first Earth built starship capable of reaching Warp 5. The ship's mission was to evacuate Romulan worlds from an impending supernova. Registry: Enterprise Class: NX Service: 2151–2161 (10 years) Captain: Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) United Earth Starfleet's Enterprise is the main setting of Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005). With Brandon McConnell, Michelle Laurent, Julia Morizawa, Matthew Montgomery. There are several ships in Starfleet that carry the famous Enterprise moniker, so just to clarify this is NCC-1701, the original ship that was destroyed at the end of Star Trek III, The Search for Spock. 1 History 2 Technical information 2.1 Physical arrangement 2.2 Propulsion 2.3 Tactical systems 2.4 Variants 2.4.1 Operations 2.4.2 Science 2.4.3 Tactical 2.5 Subclasses 3 Interior design 3.1 Main bridge 3.2 … Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, first appeared during Star Trek … The Odyssey-class U.S.S. We do not include ships with incomplete stats in this particular list. For other uses, see Verity. The Odyssey was intended to be a smaller, more cost-effective version of the larger Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class starships. (PIC - Countdown comic: "Issue 1") 1 Service history and … This is a living index of all starship stats in official Modiphius Star Trek Adventures releases that are ready-to-play, as well as homebrew designs and player ships that we were able to find after scouring every shipyard on the Internet. Odyssey-class The Odyssey-class starship was a type of dreadnought cruiser that entered Starfleet service in 2405 at the height of the Third Federation-Klingon War. Set after the end of Hidden Frontier, Odyssey follows the USS Odyssey as it struggles to get home from a dangerous mission that has taken it and her crew 2.5 million light years from home to the unknowns of the Andromeda Galaxy.This is the first Star Trek series, … Though they don’t specify the ship’s class in the text, it is the spitting image of the Odyssey-class vessels from Star Trek Online. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier) The USS Verity (NCC-97000 and NCC-970051) was a 24th century Federation starship, an Odyssey-class star cruiser in Starfleet service from the 2380s decade. A Star Trek fan production based on the Homer's The Odyssey telling the story of a spaceship trying to go home after getting lost in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Ships of Star Trek Online series begins with the Odyssey-class starship, designed for Cryptic Studios by Adam Logan based on a submission by Adam Ilhe. Related: Star Trek: Picard Finally Gave Us The Riker TNG's Movies Never Did Impressive as they were, Star Trek: Picard's new class of Starfleet ships were only seen briefly, and the episode didn't offer too many details about them.However, in his Instagram account where he answers fan questions, Star Trek: Picard showrunner Michael Chabon revealed that … Star Trek: Odyssey is a Star Trek fan production from Areakt Productions, the creators of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. A total of fourteen Odyssey class ships are scheduled to be built and launched between 2394 and 2414. 2389: Starfleet issues a general design brief for a multi-purpose vessel capable of deep space exploration and would feature the latest technology. The Odyssey-class was designed as a deep space exploratory vessel, although given the geo-political concerns of the time, the ship was also intended to be a capable tactical vessel as well. Its commanding officer was Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. Just grab a ship profile and… This time-traveling Romulan mining ship is arguably the most significant ship in the Star Trek universe.

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