Então ele imaginou o que seria se os balões voassem sobre a fronteira que dividia a cidade e fossem para Berlim Oriental, gerando lá uma reação paranóica. She uses the name Nena since her childhood. [63][64], From time to time suspicions of drug use have surfaced, particularly in light of Nena's high energy levels on stage. [12] The first single from the album, "Liebe ist", reached No. Since becoming a mother, Nena has released a number of albums consisting of songs for children. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2000 CD release of Leuchtturm on Discogs. I simply had no idea!"[17]. The wunderkind of the German new wave scene got the name at the age of three while on vacation with her family in Spain when the name stuck. Nena, a disc produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (her former band colleague and author of almost all of the band's and her chart successes) and consisting of newly arranged recordings of the band's hits from the 1980s. Since 2009, Nena's releases have been published by her own record label, The Laugh & Peas Company, which also promotes the work of her daughter's group (Adameva) and that of one of her protegé's from The Voice of Germany, Sharron Levy. [1], http://www.jornaldegramado.com.br/blogs/hot-club/252913/gabriele-susanne-kerner-a-nena.html, https://pt.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nena_(cantora)&oldid=58756163, !Páginas com referências sem URL e com acessodata, !Artigos que carecem de formatação de referências desde fevereiro de 2014, !Artigos que carecem de formatação de referências sem indicação de tema, !Artigos que carecem de notas de rodapé desde fevereiro de 2014, !Artigos que carecem de notas de rodapé sem indicação de tema, Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons. [29][30][31] Licht maintained Nena's 21st century album chart pattern by reaching No. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author schnitzi [a] 51. A canção crítica à Guerra Fria, ficou no topo das paradas de sucesso em diversos países. Gabriele Susanne Kerner (born 24 March 1960), better known as Nena, is a German singer-songwriter, actress, and comedian who rose to international fame in 1983 as the eponymous lead vocalist of the band Nena with the Neue Deutsche Welle song "99 Luftballons". (Nena is a Spanish word meaning 'little girl'. F Dm G C ein u-boot holt uns dann hier raus, und du bist der kapitän. 9 in Switzerland and No. We have an official Leuchtturm tab made by UG professional guitarists. The band split in 1987, and Nena went solo thereafter. She supports "Ehe für alle" (marriage for everyone) and, as a mother of five, a campaign against the German government's plans to scale back the state provision of midwifery services. [32], Since 1997 Nena has toured Germany and its neighbouring countries annually, typically performing between 15 and 50 concerts every year. F Dm G C am meer,am strand, wo sonne scheint, will ich mit dir alleine sein. Nos Estados Unidos, a versão alemã atingiu o segundo lugar na parada da Billboard. Nena was born on March 24, 1960 in Hagen as Gabriele Susanne Kerner. The family then moved to Hagen. On Christmas Day 2009, Nena became a grandmother when Larissa gave birth to a girl, Carla Maria. 2 in the German charts, although the tracks released as singles from the album were not as successful as those from her previous albums since her 2002 "comeback". In October 2007, Nena released a new album entitled Cover Me, made up entirely of cover songs. Se oli myös Suomen virallisen listan sijalla 5. [42][43] The concert in Dortmund on 29 June 2018 was recorded for the Nichts versäumt live DVD which was released on 9 November 2018. [40][41], Nena's 2018 Nichts versäumt tour of mainly sold-out concerts in 45 towns and cities attracted in excess of 250,000 fans and won the German Live Entertainment Award (LEA) for "concert hall tour of the year". Kyseinen kappale oli Britannian singlelistan kärjessä neljän viikon ajan. [48][49] In February 2017 and 2018 Nena appeared as a juror in the 5th and 6th seasons of The Voice Kids together with her daughter Larissa. [Intro] G G Em7 So wie es ist und so wie du bist bin ich immer wieder für dich da Cadd9 A7sus4 G Ich lass dich nie mehr alleine, das ist dir hoffentlich klar [Interlude] G Em7 Cadd9 A7sus4 G Aaah-Ah-Aaah, Aaah-Ah-Aaah, Aaah-Ah-Aaah Ah-Aaah [Verse 1] G In diesem Augenblick hat die Liebe uns genommen Em7 Und ist ohne uns zu fragen mit uns raus auf's Meer geschwommen G D Und ich … [36] Nena has covered their songs in concert and on her 2007 Cover Me album. She grew up the first 5 years of her childhood in Breckerfeld. Nena, also known as 20 Jahre – Das Jubiläums-Album (20 Years – The Anniversary Album) is a studio album by German pop singer Nena. In addition to citing the Ramones,[56] David Bowie and Debbie Harry as early influences, Nena's main artistic source of inspiration and her favourite band is the Rolling Stones. Nena released a new single on 18 September 2009, called "Wir sind wahr", and a new album on 2 October: Made in Germany. In June 1982 "Nena" released their first single, "Nur geträumt", which became an instant hit in Germany after the band appeared on the German television show Musikladen on 21 August 1982. Nena, nome artístico de Gabriele Susanne Kerner (Hagen, 24 de março de 1960) é uma cantora pop e atriz alemã. She also released the single, "Ich kann nix dafür" in April 2007 for the film, Vollidiot, and her cover of "She's a Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones in the US and the UK. The couple had three children together, the first being Christopher Daniel, who was born disabled allegedly due to medical mistakes made during the birth that caused Nena to go into cardiac arrest. The woman the world knows simply as NENA was born in the small German town of Hagen in 1960 as Gabriele Susanne Kerner. [33], In 2003, Nena took the stage during the Howard Jones 20th Anniversary concert at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London to sing "99 Luftballons", with both German and English lyrics. Yes she can. In February 2019 Nena provided vocals for the title track and lead single of Schiller's album Morgenstund which entered the German album chart at number 1 and the top 10 of both the Austrian and Swiss album charts. View official tab. She also collaborated with the popular techno-rap artists Die Atzen to produce a new single, "Strobo Pop". [21] Distribution rights for the album were agreed with Sony Music, 22 years after the company dropped Nena as a recording artist. "99 Luftballons" became a number one hit in West Germany and the Netherlands in 1983 and went on to major international chart success the following year, an English version hitting No. [18] In 1995 Nena and her growing family moved from Berlin to Hamburg, borrowing money from a family friend in order to do so since her bank declined to extend credit. 2 in the US, behind Van Halen 's " Jump ". Since then it mentions her as herself and her environment. Foi número um em Portugal, na Suécia, na Polônia, no México, no Canadá e na Austrália. Nena (1983) Kino, Indianer, Vollmond, Nur geträumt, Tanz auf dem Vulkan, 99 Luftballons, Zaubertrick, Einmal ist keinmal, Leuchtturm, Ich bleib' im Bett, Noch einmal, Satellitenstadt? In 1983, the band released its first album Nena, which contained the singles " 99 Luftballons " and " Leuchtturm ". Because they have the name N… 1 in the UK and the original German version hitting No. [20], In late 2012 Nena released her 11th solo studio album, Du bist gut, which peaked at No. Letra e música de “Leuchtturm“ de Nena 🎵 Ich geh' mit Dir wohin Du willst Auch bis ans Ende dieser Welt Am Meer, am Strand, wo Sonne scheint [21][72], This article is about the singer. Leuchtturm Artist Nena Director Marcus Sternberg Label Unknown; no label specified Year 2002 Theme / Concept Unknown; no theme / concept specified Video Vimeo Leuchtturm NENA - Leuchtturm -Official Video- -New Version- [15] Baffled by the attention generated, Nena asked her manager's girlfriend to shave her and has remained clean shaved ever since. The autobiographical ballad from the album "In meinem Leben" became her fourteenth Top 10 hit in Germany, taking her to 12th position in the all-time list of top-ten hits in Germany, the third highest placed German act and top German female. [22] The album maintained Nena's 21st century chart success pattern (Top 5 in Germany, Top 10 in Austria, Top 20 in Switzerland) but the first two singles released from the album failed to chart. She has a younger brother and a younger sister. Nena also supports local causes and in 2015 ran (in socks) 2.5 kilometres (approximately 1.5 miles) in aid of a Stuttgart children's hospice. Em 2008, foi gravada uma versão em japonês com o título 99 Love Balloons. Combined with the success of the Nena band years, she has sold over 25 million records, making her one of Germany's most successful music artists.[2]. Nena at the 50th Havelfest in Brandenburg an der Havel in 2013.. For the eponymous band, see, 1982–1987: International success and band breakup, Influences and other interests and pursuits, Wenn alles richtig ist, dann stimmt was nich, Das magische Schwert: Die Legende von Camelot, Tobias Totz und sein Löwe: des Löwen Freundin, Eragon: Das Vermächtnis der Drachenreiter, Arthur und die Minimoys 2: Die Rückkehr des bösen M, "Sounds of Germany – day one: a history of German pop in 10 songs", "Kevin Costner feat. 2 in the US, behind Van Halen's "Jump". Nena's first solo album Wunder gescheh'n was released on 5 November 1989. She rose tae internaitional fame in 1983 wi the New German Wave sang " 99 Luftballons ". [44], Nena's initial live appearances in 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but were replaced from July that year with the "Niemand hält uns auf" (nobody stops us) series of 12 drive-in, "picnic" and "360" concerts held in accordance with Germany's prevailing social distancing rules.[45][46]. Although "99 Luftballons" was the Band Nena's only hit in the English-speaking world, the band continued to enjoy success in several European countries in the following years. "99 Luftballons" became a number one hit in West Germany and the Netherlands in 1983 and went on to major international chart success the following year, an English version hitting No. That name, which in Spanish means "little girl", she got after a holiday with her parents in Spain, where the locals her so called it. Nena then started dating Swiss actor Benedict Freitag shortly after the band separated in 1987; he is the son of the German actress Maria Becker[66] and Austrian-Swiss actor Robert Freitag. David Bowie, Rolling Stones and Rammstein are three of the bands covered. Her parents are divorced. [13][14] While not uncommon in continental Europe at the time, this was considered unusual in English-speaking countries to the extent that some consider it an explanation for the commercial failure of the follow-ups to "99 Luftballons". In 2011, she contributed vocals to the track "Let Go Tonight" by Kevin Costner and Modern West. Nena - Leuchtturm (tradução) (Letra e música para ouvir) - Ich geh' mit Dir wohin Du willst / Auch bis ans Ende dieser Welt / Am Meer, am Strand, wo Sonne scheint / … 1 in the UK and the original German version hitting No. Live Album by Nena. 2 in the German charts. In 1993, following the indifferent performance of her second solo album Bongo Girl, Sony decided not to renew Nena's recording contract, and the label which distributed her third, RMG Music Entertainment, disappeared shortly afterwards. Em inglês, foi gravado por diversas bandas internacionais. [12] In 1984, Casey Kasem's radio show American Top 40 introduced a "mixed" version of the song, "splicing" the German and English versions together. Gabriele Susanne Kerner (born 24 Mairch 1960), better kent bi her stage name Nena, is a German sangster an actress. 99 Luftballons (German for "99 Balloons"), also known as International Album, is a compilation album by German pop band Nena, released in 8 April 1984.