Information about the coronavirus (Covid-19), Current News about the new train series 483/484, Most important facts about the new train series 483/484. Daily 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM • German Opera Le Teilbereich B s'étend entre le Stadtbahn Ring et les limites de Berlin. This ticket is also available for Brandenburg an der Havel, Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt an der Oder. Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) Pariser Platz / South Wing From the 5th day you can save money with the 7-day ticket. *Children aged 6-14 Children aged 0-5 travel for free. Validation machines are located at every U-Bahn and S-Bahn station, and on trams and buses. per person. Whether you're taking a city tour or visiting a museum, theater, or restaurant, when you use the Berlin WelcomeCard, you can see all Berlin has to offer at an amazing price. Ride public transport in the ABC zones, including Schönefeld Airport, receive discounts of up to 50% with over 200 partners, and benefit from the pocket travel guide. The Welcome book that accompanied the Welcome Card was handy with tips on tours and places to see. Berlin ABC : 9.60 € 6.00 € Entire VBB network : 22.00 € -*Children aged 6-14 Children aged 0-5 travel for free. • TV Tower Day tickets for the entire VBB network are non-transferable. • East Side Gallery Explore Berlin with a 48-hour, 72-hour, 4-day, 5-day, or 6-day Berlin WelcomeCard. The validator for stamping tickets is located next to ticket machines on platforms, and on board buses and trams. The Metro / Underground is fantastic and we used it all the time to move between areas of the city that we wanted to explore. • Fork & Walk Tours Berlin Berlin est divisée par zones et temps de trajet (2 heures), et non par type de transport. Vous avez besoin d'un ticket "Berlin ABC" pour € 3.10. Free admission to the five museums on the Berlin Museum Island in Berlin-Mitte. Please note the Berlin WelcomeCard is not valid without a stamp. Fare zone Berlin a includes the city center of Berlin, including the S-Bahn-Ring. • TimeRide Berlin This information is valid per ticket and person. An ID document is required. • and many more! Avec LatLon-Europe votre guide du voyage sur Internet et en français. Learn interesting facts about the VBB fare and its benefits. • Berlin Dungeon Zone B is located outside the S-Bahn Ring up to the city limits. rail replacement services. Tout dépend du budget, Berlin possède un très bon parc hôtelier, avec des hôtels de toutes les gammes et pour tous les prix. The ticket is valid from the day of its validation until 3 a.m. the following day and costs 8.60 Euros in tariff zone AB, reduced 5.50 Euros, and 9.60 Euros in tariff zone ABC, reduced 6.00 Euros. Tageskarte? Néanmoins, les auberges de jeunesses sont évidemment un très bon moyen de faire des rencontres, de partager des bons plans et de visiter en groupe la ville. Receive a curated 48-hour itinerary featuring the most iconic experiences in Berlin, straight to your inbox. Explore Berlin with a 48-hour, 72-hour, 4-day, 5-day, or 6-day Berlin WelcomeCard. 48h: 23,00 € 28,00 € 72h: 33,00 € 38,00 € 72h + Museum Island Museum Island. Visitors to Berlin will usually save on transportation costs by using day or multi-day passes. Prices and information are available in the VBB tariff system. Exemple : Vous achetez votre ticket un mardi à 10h34. A quick way to get fare information and purchase tickets easily. Children between the age of 6 and 14 years may receive a price-reduced day pass (except day passes for the entire VBB network). BahnCard discount. • Reichstag & German Parliament (pre-booking required) Fare zone Berlin b begins outside the S-Bahn ring and reaches to the city limits. Il existe trois zones tarifaires à Berlin: La Zone A est délimitée par le périmètre parcouru par les trains de S-Bahn et englobe le centre-ville. The ticket is valid until 3am on the day after validation. • Boat rides • Museums Fare zone Berlin c includes both the outskirts of Berlin and the city of Potsdam. Save money - buy one 4-journey ticket instead of four single tickets. • Friedrichstadt-Palast Ground Floor / Entrance Europaplatz Your ticket for travel on 7 consecutive days. If you are in a big city for at least four days, you should definitely get a city ticket. Some restaurants give discounts If you have the Berlin card to though we did it go to any. With our BVG Apps, we will safely transport you through the capital's aberrant paths. Detailed information is available in the terms and conditions of carriage for the VBB tariff system. Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) Airport Day tickets are valid from the moment of validation up to 3 am the following morning. Berlin: Les informations utiles sur Berlin pour le succès de votre séjour. The Berlin urban jungle can be quite a challenge. This post is a how-to guide to public transport in Berlin, including tips on tickets, tourist travel passes and an explanation of the zone system. Loggen Sie sich dazu bitte ein. Relevante Fahrplanauskünfte, ein vielfätiges Informationsangebot und attraktive Gewinnspiele – das alles erwartet Sie! Découvrez Berlin grâce à la WelcomeCard, disponible de 2 à 6 jours. I am in Berlin for one day. 7-Tage-Karte VBB-Umweltkarte Berlin ABC 32,30. Les billets sont valables pour le jour du compostage et jusqu’à 3h du matin le lendemain. • Asisi Panorama „Die Mauer“ Children under the age of 6 generally travel for free. Day passes for the regular tarif are only valid for the geographical area of Berlin AB, BC, ABC as well as Potsdam AB and include the fare for three children between the age of 6 and14 years. • Madame Tussauds Berlin From • Theater/stage performances For more information, read our, Explore Berlin with Berlin WelcomeCard valid from 48 hours to 6 days, Travel in Berlin ABC (including both Schönefeld and Tegel Airport as well as Potsdam and Sachsenhausen Memorial) on public transport, Find useful insider tips and tour suggestions as well as a map in your pocket travel guide, Visit sights of interest such as AquaDom & Sealife Berlin, Madame Tussauds, and the TV Tower, Enjoy discounts of 25-50% at over 200 tourist and cultural highlights, Customers are required to bring and wear masks. • Restaurants & bars  2 aduts and two 15 year sons. • Botanical Garden Details subject to change. • Shopping & souvenirs Answer 1 of 4: Does this Day Pass last for 24 hours upon being validated? € 28 I ask, as some guidebooks state that it is valid till 3.00 am the following day. Die Schweden, die haben verflucht schlechtes Geld, wer weiß, ob der Östreicher besseres hält. Day or night. l'aéroport de Berlin-Schönefeld, Potsdam, Oranienburg). La Zone C comprend la banlieue proche de Berlin (par ex. The Berlin pass was definitely great value, we travelled on many trains and underground’s during our visit and also got discounts at most attractions we went to by showing the card. Transportation fares for up to three children aged six to fourteen are included in the ticket price. Berlin and the surrounding regions are divided into fare zones a, b and c gegliedert. Zone C is the area around Berlin. Les enfants de moins de 14 ans bénéficient d'une réduction. Tageskarten im Regeltarif für die räumlichen Geltungsbereiche Berlin AB, BC, ABC sowie Potsdam AB beinhalten die Mitnahme von drei Kindern im Alter von 6 bis einschließlich 14 Jahren. Only valid for local and regional tarifs. Only the person whose name is shown on the voucher can redeem it. Made in Zurich & Berlin. • DDR Museum Vælg venligst antal billetter først, så zoner og gyldighed. Andergassen a écrit:Oui, tu n'as lu que l'offre pour visiteurs et touristes, fifititi. It definitely pays off if you are normally active. Zone A comprises the inner city of Berlin up to and including the S-Bahn Ring. )for 6.30 Euros that will cover areas ABC and allow me to us B, S and U Bahns all day? • Gendarmenmarkt Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) The Berlin WelcomeCard serves also as your ticket for local transportation. We are a family of 5, children 18, 17 and 12 and spent 3 days in Berlin over New Year which we really enjoyed. New Year in Berlin was fantastic though if you have young children I would think twice because the fireworks which are let off in the streets (everywhere) can be a bit scary. Daily 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM However, there were problems when picking up the tickets, as one of the specified pick-up locations was closed in March and this was not communicated. • Panoramapunkt | Tageskarte Sie können bis zu drei Kinder (6 bis 14 Jahre) in den Geltungsbereichen Berlin AB, BC, ABC sowie Potsdam AB kostenfrei mitnehmen, wenn das Ticket zum Regeltarif erworben wurde und der Inhaber mindestens 15 Jahre alt ist. Accompanied children under 6 years travel free. Ces tarifs étaient en application en 2019 et ont peut-être été modifiés … Vous en trouverez très facilement à partir de 10€ la nuit en dortoir à 10 personnes. Answered: Hallo, we come to Berlin in the beginning of May. Kinder von 6 bis einschließlich 14 Jahren erhalten ermäßigte Fahrausweise (ausgenommen Tageskarte VBB-Gesamtnetz). Vehicle Fleet. • German Spy Museum All forms of transport are reliable, safe to use and always bang on time. Buy as many tickets as you want and use them as you need. Buying tickets . The city of Potsdam and Airport Schönefeld (SXF) are inlcuded. BVG. Different conditions that apply to the day ticket for the entire VBB network: If the holder buys a standard fare ticket and is at least 15 years old, they can take up to three children (aged 6-14) for free in Berlin AB, Berlin BC, Berlin ABC and in Potsdam AB. Welcome Center/Tourist Info, Level E0 Am I right in thinking that I can buy a day ticket (is it called a Tageskarte? © 2008 – 2020 GetYourGuide. I ask, as some guidebooks state that it is valid till 3.00 am the following day. Ticket « Journée » (Tageskarte) Le ticket journalier est un forfait qui vous permet d’emprunter le métro et les autres transports autant que vous voulez pendant une journée. 2 aduts and two 15 year sons. The timetable information provides all timetable changes incl. Il existe donc des billets AB, BC et ABC. Every day of the year. You'll also receive a pocket-size travel guide with lots of tour suggestions and insider tips. Verwalten Sie Ihre eigenen Routen, Bahnhöfe, Newsletter und letzten Fahrplanauskünfte. Tageskarte Berlin BC 6,30 Tageskarte Berlin ABC 6,50 VBB-Gesamtnetz 19,00 Tageskarte Ermäßigungstarif Berlin AB 4,40 Berlin BC 4,60 Berlin ABC 4,80 Kleingruppenkarte (bis 5 Personen) Berlin AB 15,90 Kleingruppenkarte (bis 5 Personen) Berlin BC 15,40 Kleingruppenkarte (bis 5 Personen) Berlin ABC 16,1 Hvis i blot er 4, kan det betale sig at købe "e;Kleingruppekarte"e;. Welcome card is well worth having, the transport system is very well linked to one another. • Fun, sport & relax • Berlin Wall Memorial, Public transportation in fare zones Berlin ABC, English and German pocket travel guide with map, Discounts at more than 200 sights and attractions, By signing up, you agree to receive promotional emails. • Various attractions Berlin est divisé en trois circulaires : Zones A-B-C. La zone A est le centre-ville, la zone B est la zone urbaine, la zone C est la banlieue de Berlin, y compris Potsdam et Oranienburg, où se trouvent l’ancien mémorial du camp de concentration de Sachsenhausen et l’aéroport Schönefeld. Yes, definitely! Haut. Is the Tageskarte for groups (max 5 people) valid for 24 hours or a day? Holders can pick up a free detailed guide to the city with map at local tourist information offices. • Anne Frank Center • Berlin Dom  However, we won't leave you alone with it, of course. • Palaces But 4 apps for Berlin's public transportation at once? Visit sights and attractions, such as the following: Anyone who wants to transport a bicycle must buy a bicycle ticket that matches their ticket type. • Brandenburg Gate & Unter den Linden • Charlottenburg Palace Daily 9:30 AM– 7:00 PM Ride public transport in the ABC zones, including Schönefeld Airport, receive discounts of up to 50% with over 200 partners, and benefit from the pocket travel guide. Enjoy discounted rates for the following activities and attractions: À défaut de vous être procuré une Welcome Card, qui permet de circuler sur les transports en commun pour une durée de 2 à 6 jours, nous vous recommandons l'achat d'une carte journalière Tageskarte (7-7,70 € selon la zone), qui vous donne une totale liberté sur les transports en commun du réseau berlinois (BVG). You can take up to three children (aged 6-14) for free in Berlin AB, Berlin BC, Berlin ABC and in Potsdam AB. Up to 3 children between the ages of 6 and 14 can travel free on their parents’ ticket or when accompanying an adult. This ticket is also available for Brandenburg an der Havel, Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt an der Oder. • Tierpark Berlin (Nov – Mar 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM). fifititi Grand AllemagnOmaXien Messages: 5702 Inscription: Lun 05 Jan 2009 19:38. par fifititi » Ven 20 Mar 2009 20:21 . • Olympiastadion Berlin (Olympic Stadium) Each WelcomeCard includes free transport for up to 3 children between 6 and 14 years old. Christoph Wirtz wird Chefredakteur und Chef-Tester. Make as many trips as you want on a single day. We are available around the clock everyday, The most important answers and help for on the go. von 00:00 Uhr bis 03:00 Uhr des Folgetages. Answered: Hallo, we come to Berlin in the beginning of May. • Checkpoint Charlie Valid Monday-Friday from 9am-3am on the following day; valid from 00h until 3am on the following day on Saturday, Sunday, 24 December, 31 December and on public holidays that cover all of Brandenburg and Berlin. 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